SAP BW HANA Online Server Access

SAP Business Warehouse (BW) powered by SAP HANA refers to using BW software suite on top of HANA database.

This functionality explores all the key features of HANA database technologies and uses BW as a modelling tool for data modelling and analytical reporting.

BW software supports various databases like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM DB2, Teradata, and many more. BW on HANA suggests that you are using HANA as database for BW data modelling capabilities and no other database is required.

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SAP BW HANA Online Server Access

When SAP BW is powered by HANA, all the tasks are performed using HANA database optimized techniques. SAP HANA is responsible to perform key tasks related to Data Warehousing delivering excellent performance while performing analytical reporting.

In the following figure, you can see BW on HANA architecture where all the key activities of BW are HANA optimized −

    • HANA-Optimized Data Modelling: Info Cubes
    • HANA-Optimized Data Modelling: Advanced Datastore Objects
    • HANA-Optimized Data Modelling: Composite Providers
    • HANA-Optimized Data Staging
    • HANA-Optimized Analytic Manager
    • HANA-Optimized Analysis Processes


    SAP HANA Studio

    SAP HANA studio is an Eclipse-based tool that runs on development environment and administration tool for working on HANA. SAP HANA studio is both the central development environment and the main administration tool for HANA system. It is a client tool which can be used to access local or remote HANA system.

    • SAP BW on HANA – Modelling Tools
    • SAP BW on HANA – SLT Replication BW
    • SAP BI – Business Intelligence


    In fact, it is pretty simple. BI stands for Business Intelligence, it is a generic term for what is pertaining to decision-making, data analysis, and reporting. The term BI had nothing to do with SAP… That is until the moment the software publisher associated that acronym to their offering after purchasing additional applications.

    SAP BW – Business Warehouse

    Indeed, originally, the only SAP application positioned in business intelligence was SAP BW. Still comprised in the publisher’s portfolio after 20 years, SAP BW is a data warehouse intended for loading, transforming and storing data modelled into cubes for analysis purposes. Although this offering comprises a query and data presentation editor, it had difficulty competing with other solutions specialized in this sector in the mid-2000s. For that reason, in 2007, SAP bought back Business Objects as well as its suite of information formatting applications thereby consolidating its position as a key player on the business intelligence market.

    SAP BO or BOBJ – Business Objects

    SAP then takes advantage of the acquisition of Business Objects and of the need to clarify the positioning of this new package to use the very trendy term “BI” and thus label some of their products. From then on, SAP BW would be named SAPBI for the storage solution, whereas Business Objects would be renamed SAP BO or BOBJ (depending on which side of the Atlantic you are) for data formatting.